Nevada Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Cases

Rose has developed a reputation in the legal community as being a skilled legal writer and analyst. As a consequence, many plaintiff attorneys have associated him on their cases to address complex legal issues. On many occasions, his legal writing and analysis has directly resulted in multi-million dollar settlements.

Example 1:

In a medical malpractice case involving emergency room physicians and hospitals, Rose prevailed on a summary judgment motion wherein the trial court found that the hospitals were responsible for the acts of their independent contractor emergency room physicians.

This was the first time such a ruling had been obtained in Nevada. Before the Court’s ruling, the defendants had offered almost nothing in settlement. After the ruling, the matter settled for approximately $6,137,500. See Vanderford v. Saint Mary’s Hospital and Renown Regional Medical Center.

Example 2:

In another instance, Rose was associated into a case where his client was rendered a blind quadriplegic when he fell down a mineshaft while participating in a high tech scavenger hunt.

The case involved many complex legal issues, which resulted in multiple attempts by the defendants to get the case dismissed on various legal grounds. Rose and his co-counsel successfully defeated the legal challenges and, as a consequence, were able to negotiate a settlement of $10,700,000.00. See Lord v. Chew.


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